Pitchu Tennis Categories: pig

Pitchu Tennis

You are a ninja and tennis player. This time you are playing a tennis match against a pig. Throw the ball to the air and hit it to your opponent's field. Don't relax, he is a very strong rival.

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Dr. Joe Categories: farm

Dr. Joe

The animals in some farms are feeling sick. Joe the veterinary must go visit them to provide the medications they need. He must give them the right pill and he can make no mistake.

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Plague of Kittens Categories: cats

Plague of Kittens

Something weird is happening. Lots of lovely kittens are falling from the sky. If they reach the ground, they will smash and die. You are an animal lover, so you won't let this happen. Try to save them all!

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Puff's Skate Jam Categories: dog

Puff's Skate Jam

Bebe and Cece have gotten angry with their friend Puff and they have thrown him out on a speeding skateboard. Help Puff get to Suga's home safe and sound. Dodge obstacles and pick up treats along the way.

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Tennis for Dogs Categories: dog

Tennis for Dogs

A tennis match for dogs is taking place in your town. The competitors are Fofo and Ben, the most unfriendly dog in town. Eni, a beatiful lady dog, will be watching the match. Help Fofo defeat Ben and cause a good impression on Eni.

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Time to Eat! Categories: animal, cats

Time to Eat!

Your beloved cat is starving. He is in a back alley and there's plenty of fish swimming in water barrels. He must catch as many fish as possible to eat them. Otherwise he will die of hunger.

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